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Our dedicated doctors, nurses, and support staff at UCI Health are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly for our community during this trying time. We want to recognize their hard work by sharing messages of gratitude and support. We are counting on our community of families, friends, and coworkers to send kind messages to these amazing healthcare workers!

Messages will be shared to this site, where UCI Health employees can easily access them to find words of gratitude and support.

Participate by submitting a thoughtful note below.

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Dear doctors and nurses,

Thank You so much for all the hard work that you guys have done. Without any of you, we wouldn’t be able to control the virus. Without you guys, we do not know where to face when we’re sick. Thank You so much! Always be safe and I hope that the virus would stop soon so you guys would be able to rest.


Trudy Foland

Thank you to each of you on the front line making a difference.  Words can not begin to express the gratitude and respect, we the citizens of Orange County, have for you.  Thank you for putting yourselves in harms way to keep us safe.  In 2020 we learned that Super Heros also wear stethescopes and scrubs.


Kevin Thomann

Thank you to all the people out there doing their job to keep our country safe! The work you do does not go unappreciated and I’m grateful for all the dedicated work that you do!


Dr. McDonald

Here’s a big shout out my primary, Dr. McDonald! Thank you for being available! I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe!



Thank you to all the nurses, doctors and support staff for being there for us!


Thank you! by Art

I was watching the movie Contagion (2011) the other day, which is very reminiscent of pandemic we are experiencing today. There was a part in the movie where nurses were on strike because they did not want to risk their lives anymore. I am so grateful that is not our reality here today and very much appreciate everyone involved risking themselves to ensure our safety and provide us health care. These are scary times and you are real heroes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!